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Cowhide Strap, Single Embossing

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  • HEK Straps Widths vary according to the buckle used. We generally use 1-1 / 4 "wide stainless steel buckles. If you choose another buckle option, the strap width will be adjusted according to the buckle. We use solid cowhide leather for our straps. It is not laminated We do our best to avoid many seams for not that way weaken the leather and maximize the durability of the strap.
  • Please watch the following video to know how to measure the length of the strap as we use it in Made In Kuero: https://youtu.be/-S-qVwzaWtk
  • Contact us to give us the length of the strap according to the video above. And if you choose options such as color, embossing, and / or special buckles, at that time we will talk about those details. These options are subject to availability and exhaustion without prior notice. Some options not mentioned here and that are requested by the client, could entail an additional cost.

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